Hepa Air Purifier, with Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Hepa Air Purifier, with Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Hepa Air Purifier, with Bluetooth Speaker, Black


  1. High-efficiency air purification: The WBM SMART Hepa Air Purifier uses a three-stage filtration system to remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander.
  2. Bluetooth speaker functionality: The built-in Bluetooth speaker allows you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet while you purify the air in your room.
  3. Smart controls: The air purifier can be controlled using the WBM Smart app, which allows you to turn the purifier on and off, adjust the fan speed, set a timer, and monitor the air quality in your room.
  4. Sleek and modern design: The black finish and modern design of the WBM SMART Hepa Air Purifier make it a stylish addition to any room in your home or office.
  5. Energy-efficient operation: The air purifier is designed to consume less energy than traditional air purifiers, which helps to reduce your energy costs while keeping your air clean and fresh.

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Air Purifier Create purified ambience and healthier life. 3 in 1 Filtration function 1-pre-filter, 2- true HEPA filter and 3- activated carbon filter captures the allergies and pets, Smokes and remove 99. 97% of pet dander, dust, pollen, odor, mold, etc. 3 Speed setting (low, medium, and high) provide options for various conditions. One key to turn on/off the LED light when night sleeping, meets your habits and performance. Press child lock button for 3s to start lock mode, prevents your baby from wrong use. Effectively improving indoor air quality and freely enjoying fresh air at home. Unique size and contemporary design make air purifier suitable for small, medium rooms, office and dorm, serving you both for practical air purifier and lovely decor. Air Purifier Replacement HEPA filter – Captures large particles such as pet fur, pet dander, lint, fibers and hair. HEPA Filter – Filters small particles Activated Carbon Filter – Adsorbs unwanted odors and fumes such as pet odors, cooking smells smoke, ammonia and VOCs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Perfect for Workouts

The speaker on this air purifier is powerful enough to motivate me during my at-home workouts, and the purifier keeps the air fresh.

Alessia Duffy
Atmosphere Enhancing

The Bluetooth speaker and air purifier combination create a relaxing atmosphere in my home.

Kaisley Duarte
Great for Workspaces

This air purifier is perfect for use in a home office or workspace - it helps keep the air clean and the music helps me focus.

Effective Air Purification

This purifier has noticeably improved the air quality in my home, and I love the added bonus of the Bluetooth speaker.

Kaisley Duarte
Perfect for Parties

Powerful Bluetooth speaker, helps keep air fresh.