SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Heart Stone, Healing & Calming Effects, Used for Meditation -3 Pack

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Heart Stone, Healing & Calming Effects, Used for Meditation -3 Pack

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Heart Stone, Healing & Calming Effects, Used for Meditation -3 Pack


  • Selenite Stone: Known for its ability to recharge other crystals, the hand-selected  Selenite Heart Stone is an essential addition to any crystal collection. Find out about Selenite’s healing and protective properties!
  • Positive Cleansing Energy: A sacred energy pack of positive energy. This Heart Stone is an excellent addition to your homes and offices. No need to wash your crystals anymore!
  • Selenite Crystal Décor: Selenite crystal decor makes cool lighting for the inside of your home. It’s an excellent alternative to enhance the look of your home. It a perfect for anyone to showcase in their rooms
  • Healing Stone: Cast a protective aura wherever it is placed. This Crystal Stone is available for home use and office decoration, collections, gifts, healing energy, changing negative vibrations, expanding the imagination, and more
  • A Meaningful Gift: Healing Crystal Set makes a thoughtful gift for anyone who likes spirits or highly spiritual people. We love these stones and want you to enjoy yours too! We prioritize satisfying customers above all else

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Using SALT 84 heart crystal selenite 10cm heart stone, you may clear your mind of bad ideas. After using this heart stone during meditation, your crown chakra will quickly heal. The heart-shaped selenite rock, with its characteristic patterns, is a perfect location for healing while in relaxation, and it will activate your crown chakra. Reducing this negative vibe from your environment will enhance your body’s equilibrium. To balance your mood and boost your health from physical problems like joint pain and muscular discomfort, use any form of selenite crystal heart stone, such as a heart-shaped one. Give a 3 pieces of heaty stones to unhappy friends and place them on the beeswax figure that depicts the selenite as a sacred instrument. Preserve one heart crystal for yourself as well. These are naturally formed hand-carved amethyst hearts. They can little vary in size and pattern. Each crystal heart is perfect for bringing with you as a daily reminder of how far one will travel for love. Selenite crystal has healing and metaphysical properties. SALT 84 Heart-shaped stone promotes a tranquil and cool environment. It helps remove obstructed energy. This is best effective capacity cleaner. Selenite crystal heart promotes mental sharpness. Healing palm stone enhances high motivation and also helps with sadness and anxiety. These stones are excellent for accessing the energy of a specific crystal and are excellent for crystal treatment.

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Maggie Hudson

Definitely true to size and sturdy.

Great size great texture

The size is very good.

Bentley Lynn
Great transaction!

This works perfect for a rock collection

Vivian Berger

My heart shaped Selenite bowl is perfectly carved and polished and is absolutely beautiful.

Amir Powell
Selenite heart

I love it, but I do wish there was a larger size.