Led Light Bulb 7 Watt Himalayan Salt Bulb, Dimmable Led Light Bulb Pack of Pink, Unflavored, 4 Count

Led Light Bulb 7 Watt Himalayan Salt Bulb, Dimmable Led Light Bulb Pack of Pink, Unflavored, 4 Count

Led Light Bulb 7 Watt Himalayan Salt Bulb, Dimmable Led Light Bulb Pack of Pink, Unflavored, 4 Count


  • Himalayan Glow Salt Light Bulb: The bulb is made from Himalayan pink salt crystals, which emit a soft and soothing amber glow when illuminated.
  • Dimmable LED Salt Light Bulb: The bulb is equipped with an LED that is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness according to your needs and preferences.
  • Energy-Efficient: The bulb has a power output of only 7 watts, making it energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Pack of 4: This package includes 4 bulbs, so you can use them in multiple rooms or keep a spare one handy.
  • Indoor Use: The bulb is designed for indoor use only and can be used in various settings such as bedrooms, living rooms, and offices, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

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A Beautiful product to make your home and offices and other indoors beautiful through their light and the salt in the bulb will change the color of the light. These Himalayan Pink salt bulbs are manufactured as an LED bulb with purest natural salt in the world encased around it. Because of this precise design, the bulb can emit a beautiful warm amber glow. This product is patent pending. Will the salt in my salt bulb melt the salt is encased separately around the light bulb so it is protected and will not melt when turned on. Our Collection, this pure pink salt light bulb is a great accent and decorative addition to home and office spaces. It operates the same as any light bulb, coming in three wattage sizes to adhere to your personal needs. This led bulb with salt does not have its dimmable option in it If you’re looking for that type of subtle glow and ambience in the room. Brightness is 230Lm lumens, 5W power consumption, base E26, color temperature 2300K and lamp life 30, 000 hours. the life of the salt is about 27.3 years if you use this salt bulb 3 hours per day its all depending on your usage Beware the light bulbs really heavy The bulbs themselves are heavier than your average light bulb due to the added salt crystals, but this difference does not affect the salt bulb’s ability to work in any typical fixture setting. The weight does not make it too heavy for standard lighting. Interesting light bulb that’s filled with pink Himalayan salt. Fits in your standard outlet and emits a soft pink glow Looks beautiful when turned on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Soft warm glow

Love these bulbs. They create a warm glow and last quite awhile.

Easton Robertson
Easy on the eyes at night

Lamp. Absolutely love them

Harmony Salinas

These bulbs give off such gorgeous soft light. If you need a warm, soothing atmosphere, these are just the right thing. I'm buying more!

Edgar McDonald
Dim, but soothing

Don't use them for actual light, but they are soothing for a dim, night light type effect.

Daisy Arroyo
Love the warm light

Love the warm light in our bedroom