LED 3D Star Moon Lamp Light, Remote & Touch Control USB Rechargeable

LED 3D Star Moon Lamp Light, Remote & Touch Control USB Rechargeable

LED 3D Star Moon Lamp Light, Remote & Touch Control USB Rechargeable


  • Himalayan Glow moon lamp is a unique and creative night light that is perfect for gift giving.
  • The moon lamp has a realistic appearance that makes it a great addition to any room.
  • Himalayan Moon Lamp is soft and calming, making it the perfect choice for children’s bedrooms.
  • Himalayan Moom Lamp is usb rechargeable so there is no need for batteries.
  • Quality is our passion. That’s why we have a policy of a 100% return of your money within 30-days of purchase in any case of your disappointment regarding our product

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Are you looking for a unique lamp for your home décor? Check out the levitating moon lamp! This lamp is inspired by the moon and gives a soft, calming light. It would be perfect for a bedroom or nursery. The lamp is made of silicone and is safe to use. You can choose from a variety of colors, including white, yellow, and blue. 3D moon lamp is also rechargeable, so you can use it anywhere. If you’re looking for a lamp that will add some ambiance to your room, look no further than the LED 3D Star Moon Lamp. This lamp is made of PLA and gives off a soft, warm light. It’s perfect for reading or relaxing in bed Looking for a fun and unique night light for your child’s room? Look no further than the moon lamp! This 5.9-inch lamp casts a soft and soothing light that will help your child drift off to sleep. Plus, the moon lamp is a great way to teach your child about the phases of the moon. According to the photos taken by NASA satellites, using the most advanced 3D printing technology, the curves and mountains on the sphere are designed to truly depict the surface of the moon. Himalayan glow moon lamp uses 3D printing one-piece molding technology, there is no point in the middle of the seam, bringing you the perfect moon.

Customer Reviews

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Robert Walsh
great color options and design!

This lamp is so cute! I use it as a nightlight and I love that you can change the colors to several different shades of each other to set the mood with whatever you’re feeling! I use different colors when I’m doing different chakra meditations ! Great quality and doesn’t look cheap at all even when it’s off! Highly recommend!!!

Wells Hurst
Nightlight turned toy?

I initially bought this for my 1 year old son as a nightlight, but because of its shape, he associates it as a ball that he can throw around.

Melody Lang
A really fun and versatile decorative item

Ok so I was not expecting to love this as much as I did. I got it because my girlfriend saw it and loved it, and right out of the box it was great fun to play with.

Valentina Nichols
So beautiful!

Bought this to add more zen to my desk when I’m doing tarot reading. It’s a perfect addition to my reading desk because it’s not fragile (in case someone knocks it over), lightweight (when I need to move it), can do all sorts of color displays and, when i’m recording videos

Colter Reed
So awestruck! Kids love it ❤️

Got this for our bedroom and my toddler loves it! The different colors and light modes are a delight to play with and the lamp itself works well as a cute bedside decor during the day and perfect night lamp with funky vibes at night.