Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain, All Natural, Plastic Jar- 5lbs, Pack of 6

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain, All Natural, Plastic Jar- 5lbs, Pack of 6

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain, All Natural, Plastic Jar- 5lbs, Pack of 6


  • Himalayan Salt: Himalayan Chef Pink Himalayan salt is hand-chipped from the oldest salt mine of the Punjab region of Pakistan, near the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the purest salt on the earth.
  • Sea Salt Vs Pink Salt: Pink Himalayan salt is better than regular sea salt. Pink salt is unprocessed salt. Naturally rich in mineral, and free from all additives, and preservatives.
  • Enrich With Nutrients: Our Himalayan Salt is unrefined. Himalayan Pink salt fine is packed with 84 essential minerals and trace elements which are beneficial for human health and well being
  • Unique Flavor: Himalayan salt has a unique flavor that is different from regular table salt, with a complex taste profile that enhances the flavors of your dishes.
  • Versatile: This Himalayan salt can be used in a wide variety of recipes and dishes, including meats, vegetables, soups, and salads, as well as in homemade seasonings.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We always stand behind our products and we listen to our customers. If for any reason you feel our Himalayan salt is not for you, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Himalayan Pink Salt is a type of salt that comes from the Himalayan mountain range. It is all-natural, which means it doesn’t have any chemicals or other additives in it. The salt is finely ground into small grains, making it easy to use in cooking or for seasoning your food. It comes in a plastic jar that contains 5 pounds of salt, which should last you for a long time. Overall, it’s a healthy and flavorful option for your cooking and dietary needs. Himalayan Pink Salt is the best replacement for regular table salt. From grilled meats to roasted vegetables, this premium Himalayan mineral salt is the ideal choice whenever you’re looking to add all-natural flavor to any of your favorite recipes. So, choose the best Himalayan salt and enjoy healthy cooking and beauty needs. Try it today and add a dash of wellness to your meals!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Worth it's Salt, hands down.

Swishing heavily with this and chewing raw garlic intermittently has *so far* proven to be stronger than an abscessed tooth. I don't even mind that roughly 50% of this is actual sand...those extra minerals have to come from somewhere, right?

Juliet Brayden
A LOT MORE than I expected

I prefer large crystals for my salt mill.

Aubrey Casper
Good flavor!

We really like the flavor this salt imparts. use it on the table and in cooking exclusively.

carol jacob
God quality

At first the salt was caked but it ended up not being a problem. I just shut the container and it was fine.

Allison Ethan
Pure non chemical treated salt

Everything salt is used for without the detrimental effects on the body