SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Skyscraper Tower 10cm, Best for Meditation & Yoga, Healing Stones, White

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Skyscraper Tower 10cm, Best for Meditation & Yoga, Healing Stones, White

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Skyscraper Tower 10cm, Best for Meditation & Yoga, Healing Stones, White


  • Skyscraper tower: Selenite Skyscraper tower is one of the most essential healing crystals, ensuring a balanced energy flow to the body and mind. It also eliminates negative energy and protects you from negative vibes environment
  • Uniqueness: Each selenite tower is of premium quality and is sourced from Morocco. Its length is 10 cm approximately. The surface of hand-carved skyscraper is smooth after polishing. Due to the nature of crystal, a few variances in size, and shape should be expected
  • Use: During meditation and yoga, you’ll need to use a skyscraper tower as well as you can also use crystal tower to decorate your home
  • Suitable for many occasions: SALT 84 best Moroccan selenite crystal tower is perfect for your loved ones, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Mother’s Day. It is an ideal gift for any occasion
  • Customer Satisfaction: We’re confident that this Selenite crystal tower will be a hit with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. we give a 30 day money-back guarantee if you decide that our selenite tower is not for yo

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If you’re trying to find a way to reach inner harmony and calm, you don’t need to go any further than the SALT84 selenite skyscraper tower. A special light fixture made of natural selenite crystal releases waves that quiet the mind and emotions and encourage feelings of serenity and relaxation. Selenite tower is ideal for people who want to unwind or find peace and calm after a stressful day. Thanks to our lovely selenite tower, any space is filled with a soothing and revitalizing vibe. Selenite tower may clean the mind through its naturally soothing qualities and eliminate harmful bad energy. Selenite crystal may be placed in any location that might be calming and relaxing, including your home office, to boost creativity and productivity. Selenite tower is a superb choice for yoga or spiritual practice because of its reputation for calming and centering the mind and soul. Selenite crystals support the removal of all energy blockages in the body, promote tranquility and serenity, and prevent convulsions. The ideal complement to your house or business is this white tower. A pleasant atmosphere is made possible by the removal of all energy blockages in the body by the selenite tower. A potent stone with various therapeutic benefits is selenite. It is well recognized to promote spiritual development, mental clarity, and intuition. Selenite is a useful tool for anyone. Selenite tower’s gentle light might serve to soothe the mind and offer relief. This lovely healing stone crystal tower is ideal for any room or location in your house and is made to help you create a quiet and tranquil environment. Selenite tower is the ideal choice for anybody who wishes to create a good and peaceful environment.

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Great product

Meilani Giles

Very beautiful lamp, great value!

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I am impressed

Wow a beautiful energy is flowing from my Tower

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Looks great!


Very pretty. Smaller than I imagined