SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Lamp with Wooden Base & USB Port 20cm,Hand Curved, Healing Stones

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Lamp with Wooden Base & USB Port 20cm,Hand Curved, Healing Stones

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Lamp with Wooden Base & USB Port 20cm,Hand Curved, Healing Stones


    • Benefits of selenite lamp: A solid white selenite lamp healing crystal is made for refining energy and removing negative vibes from your life. SALT 84 Selenite lamp may help you quiet your thoughts, clarify your mind, and defend yourself from any type of mental attack.
    • Peaceful stone: Selenite lamp light waves help to maintain and calm the emotional mind. It creates a peaceful atmosphere when you placed in the home. A fantastic relaxing stone lamp is best for meditation, healing, enhancements, and other spiritual practices.
    • Material: SALT 84 natural Selenite Crystal Lamp made of Gypsum Crystal, 100% Pure Natural Selenite. Neem wooden base Morocco with USB charging port. White Selenite Crystal Gives off a pleasant amber glow. These are natural variations in each crystal’s size, and design so there can be minor changes in each item.
    • Perfect Gift: The selenite lamp is the ideal present for your friends, family, mother, children, and yourself because it can be used for healing, meditation, yoga, Chakra, natural specimen collection, and home decor.
    • Customer Satisfaction: Quality is our passion. This selenite lamp will be a hit with you, we’re sure of it. Contact us if you have any questions. We always have our customers’ best interests in mind when making our products. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available if you decide that our selenite lamp is not for you for any reason.

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If you’re seeking a method to achieve inner peace and harmony, SALT 84 selenite crystal lamp is best for you. This one-of-a-kind light fixture produces waves that serve to calm the mind and emotions, creating feelings of peace and relaxation. It’s ideal for individuals wishing to relax after a hard day or attain some peace and quiet. You will receive a box of wooden base selenite lamp and you will get one USB, one base of wooden, and one skyscraper as well as you will get a user manual. Our lovely selenite lamp emits a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere into any space. Selenite stone is supposed to purify the psyche and eliminate harmful bad energy through pure relaxing effects. Put a selenite crystal in your workspace to boost productivity and creativity, or in any place that needs some quiet and relaxation. This lamp is made of real selenite crystal and is supposed to provide a calming aura. Because of its capacity to quiet and concentrate the mind and soul, selenite is a great choice for meditation or spiritual activity. The selenite lamp, with its soothing glow, can assist to light up any room and may be used as a decorative or nightlight. This white light will look great in your house or business. The selenite crystal lamp assists in the removal of any energy blockages in the body, resulting in a quiet and pleasant environment. Selenite lamp is a potent stone with several therapeutic effects. It has been shown to improve mental clarity, intuition, and spiritual growth. This light is a must-have for anyone suffering from epilepsy. Selenite is believed to aid in the prevention of epileptic seizures, making it a helpful tool for anybody suffering from this illness. This lovely item is ideal for any location or space in your house and is meant to help you establish a quiet and tranquil environment. Selenite lamp is recognized for its ability to remove bad energy, making it an excellent choice for anybody looking to create a happy and soothing environment.

Customer Reviews

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Asheligh Moyer
Great Lamp

Great lamp, just enough light for reading love the dimming feature.

Rohan Martinez
Thoroughly enjoyed it recommended it to a friend after receiving it as a gift

Bring serenity to Any room

Nola Browning
Love it

Definitely a nice gift.

Maria Casadó, Álava

Absolutely love it!

Judith Ayres