SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Candle Holder, Chakra, Crystals and Healing Stones Best for Gift & Home Decor – Pack of 2

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Candle Holder, Chakra, Crystals and Healing Stones Best for Gift & Home Decor – Pack of 2

SALT 84 Selenite Crystal Candle Holder, Chakra, Crystals and Healing Stones Best for Gift & Home Decor – Pack of 2


  • Candle Holder: Use this Selenite Candle holder to clear spiritual, emotional, and physical energy blocks from the body; place around your home enjoy the natural beauty and manifestation properties
  • Selenite Candle: Considered to be one of the more powerful healing stones, raw selenite crystal carries a very high vibration that instills a deep sense of inner peace, clarity, and healing effects
  • The Perfect Size: Natural Selenite Crystal Candle Holder Perfectly sized to be displayed on a bedside table or countertop to gives splendid look
  • Good Vibes Only: Place the selenite candle holder on a windowsill, tabletop, or display on a shelf to align your chakras and balance your mind
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority; we are providing a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days to quality conscious customers

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SALT 84 Selenite crystal Candle Holder is a powerful tool for all types of healing. Physically, it can help improve spinal alignment and encourage flexibility. It is thought to protect against seizures and facilitate the absorption of minerals and vitamins. Calcium, in particular, is more easily absorbed when in the presence of selenite. It is also believed that this stone can reverse the effects of free radicals and heal the body on a cellular level. It is good for breastfeeding mothers, too, and can neutralize problems associated with mercury poisoning from dental work. Emotionally, this crystal has the power to dispel negative thoughts. It also encourages overall positivity and a more optimistic outlook on life. It can lift your moods and serves as an excellent crystal for anyone who struggles with depression. Working with selenite can soothe upset emotions and provide emotional balance when it is needed. This crystal is also helpful in relationships of all types. It encourages healthy relationships built upon foundations of trust and honest communication from the heart. It heals and maintains both romantic and familial relationships. Selenite is especially powerful for spiritual healing. Working with it allows you to open your mind and heart to discover your true self. Doing so can also help you connect with gifts and memories from your past lives so that you can better understand your higher purpose. Selenite can help you connect with the angelic realm and receive spiritual guidance when you need it, too. Communication is strongly supported by this stone. You just have to quiet your mind and listen with your inner ear.

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Exactly as expected.

very useful


This Selenite stone is absolutely gorgeous! I could feel the clear energy emanating from it.

E. Cooper
Perfect Christmas present

This product came in perfect condition and was exactly as expected it is the perfect size

Chase Orozco
Beautiful luminous perfect gift

Beautiful made a great gift and now I want one for myself!

Great selenite

Great selenite gives off great energy!