Himalayan Glow Basket Salt Lamp, 8-10 lbs each, 2 Piece

Himalayan Glow Basket Salt Lamp, 8-10 lbs each, 2 Piece

Himalayan Glow Basket Salt Lamp, 8-10 lbs each, 2 Piece



  • Accent home décor: to accent the natural beauty of the salt crystals, we’ve housed them in a decorative metal vase, perfect for the design-conscious home.
  • Dimmable dimmer switch (us 120v only): definitely safer than other brands that has a potential fire hazard. it comes with a patented dimmer switch to adjust brightness and match the ambiance. it has 6-ft power cord and two extra 15 watt bulbs.
  • Highest quality Himalayan salt lamp: illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant & relaxing amber glow. it’s a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk. great for meditation, yoga spaces, and as a night light. also, you can try it as a bedside lamp.
  • Perfect gift: it makes the perfect gift for any holiday, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, black Friday & cyber Monday or other special occasions. certain to brighten up the thanksgiving table and day for all of your loved ones.
  • Customer satisfaction: we always stand behind our products and we listen to our customers. if you have any question, just contact us through the message and we will give you 100% satisfaction. 1 year warranty, 2 extra replacement bulbs included the replacement bulb is in stock for purchase, just search: (Himalayan Glow light bulbs)

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Himalayan Glow Basket Salt has been beautifully handing carved from pure and Natural Pink Salt found high up in the Himalayan Mountains. Each Natural salt lamp is unique in its beauty and shape. When the salt chunk is in natural status, the crystal’s rough-hewn, irregular surface looks pink. When salt lamps are lit, they offer a warm orange glow, similar to the hues found in a campfire or by candlelight, giving off what might be called a primordial glow, one part sunset, one part molten lava, creating a light source that has captivated all who see it. For this reason, they are a great light source for the evening and can even be used as a night light without negatively affecting sleep. It is one of the best selections for your families, children, and friends. Moreover specifically, they are advertised as being beneficial for people with allergies, asthma, or diseases. Himalayan salt emits negative ions and cancels out positive ones. This salt basket is great for indoor activities like doing yoga, meditation, gym, studio library, or any other physical activity.


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