Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Coarse Refillable Grinder, 3.53 Ounce,(Pack of 1)

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Coarse Refillable Grinder, 3.53 Ounce,(Pack of 1)

Himalayan Chef Pink Salt Coarse Refillable Grinder, 3.53 Ounce,(Pack of 1)


Natural Pink Salt is carefully harvested from Himalayan Mountains. Once oceans millions of years ago, the water slowly evaporated over time, leaving behind beautiful crystallized salt. Treasured for its trace mineral content and stunning colors ranging from light white and pale pink to dark red, this mild-flavored pink salt brings a level of versatility that is widely used in the kitchen and spa projects. Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect replacement for everyday salt. From grilled meats and roasted vegetables to buttered popcorn, this premium Himalayan mineral salt is the ideal choice whenever you’re looking to add all-natural flavor to any of your favorite recipes. Treasured for its stunning colors ranging in shades of pale pink to deep rose, Pink Salt is a beautiful addition to your homemade spa treatments. Whether you are creating soothing bath salt blends or exfoliating scrubs, Himalayan Chef has the perfect grain size for your next therapeutic project. We are committed to providing safe, clean salts, we run pink Himalayan salt through a series of QA processes including Optically Clean. This proprietary technology reviews each grain using high-definition cameras. If any flawed crystals or foreign materials such as rocks, sticks or clay are detected, a targeted burst of air removes them from production.

  • 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Perfect addition to any meal!
  • Highest quality food grade Himalayan salts
  • PERFECT FOR salt roasting and brining. Unflavored

Natural Himalayan rock salt is hand-mined from khewra salt mines in Pakistan. Himalayan Chef provides you world purest rock salt. It is available in a glass grinder. Himalayan pink salt judged the world’s # 1 tasting salt. It is 100% natural, pure, Halal, Non-GMO, and NFC Vegan.

Why Choose Himalayan Salt Grinder?

Regular table salt has a high amount of sodium chloride also, processed with many chemicals that are not good for human health and well-being. Pink salt rich in minerals without additives, preservatives, and any other anti-caking agents. Our Himalayan Pink salt is available in a glass grinder with an adjustable grind. So, choose healthy salt and enjoy healthy food.

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100% Natural Himalayan Crystal Pink salt


Use as you would use any table salt. Use for all your cooking and baking needs

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