Extra Himalayan Basmati Rice, Premium Aged Aromatic Grain, (0.9 Kilo) Jar, 2 Pound

Extra Himalayan Basmati Rice, Premium Aged Aromatic Grain, (0.9 Kilo) Jar, 2 Pound

Extra Himalayan Basmati Rice, Premium Aged Aromatic Grain, (0.9 Kilo) Jar, 2 Pound


  • BASMATI RICE: Himalayan Basmati Rice is harvested in the foothills of the Himalayas, this perfumed rice grain, when cooked swells lengthwise and becomes fluffy
  • LONG GRAIN: These characteristics are not found in other types of rice and thus making basmati rice a much-favored food grain
  • EASY TO COOK: Cook on the stovetop, in the microwave, or a rice cooker. Rice is ready in about 15-30 minutes. Pair well with our variety of simmer sauces and ready eat curries!
  • FREE FROM: Premium Basmati Rice is GMO-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free, and contains zero fats. Rich in amino acids and essential nutrients
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We always stand behind our products, and we listen to our customers. If for any reason you feel our basmati rice is not for you, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee

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With its wonderful aroma and unique, slightly nutty flavor, this good-for-you super grain makes for a nutritious addition to any meal. Himalayan basmati rice is perfect as a side dish, added to a stir-fry, or topped off on a salad. It’s ready in just 15-20 minute, so you don’t have to wait. This microwavable rice is a delicious way to add an touch to all your rice dishes and meals. No preservatives; artificial colors, or flavors added. Himalayan Chef brings to you extra-long premium white Basmati rice in various packages according to your needs. Himalayan Basmati rice is perfect in quality, size and flavor. It is authentic in taste and structure. It is easy to cook and can effortlessly be a part of dishes like Biryani, curries, pulao and emerge as the undisputed star.

Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Harvey
Definitely recommend!

I really liked the flavor and the texture of this rice a lot. I used it to make biryani and it tasted amazing. I normally buy my rice from the Indian store but recently moved and decided to try Himalayan because the price point got me. I will definitely be restocking once I am done with this bag.

Creed McLaughlin
Premium long grain rice

This is a nice quality long grain rice not as fragile as other Basmati products on the market.

Alina Stein
Very tasty rice

Big pack , white long grain rice . I prepared one cup for my kids, they loved it, most important it has no aromatic smell. As all kind of rices, after cooking you have to keep it in the pan covered at least 5 minutes.

Franco Hicks
Coming from a rice lover, this rice is awesome!!

I LOVE rice!! It’s a staple of my diet, I’ve been eating it practically everyday since I was young. When I came across this, I had to try it out. Love the flavor of this rice, especially since it’s been aged…so flavorful. Love eating this with my favorite Indian dishes. So happy I came across this. The delivery was so fast too!

Aliya Frye
Great rice, best method.

I buy a lot of Himalayan basmati and this is among the best and at a great price. Package arrived in the standard nicely designed jar, in a day