3-in-1 Laundry Pods, Fabric Softener With Cheery Blossom Scent, Detergent Pods – 32 Count Box

3-in-1 Laundry Pods, Fabric Softener With Cheery Blossom Scent, Detergent Pods – 32 Count Box

3-in-1 Laundry Pods, Fabric Softener With Cheery Blossom Scent, Detergent Pods – 32 Count Box


  • ECO-FRIENDLY: WBM Home laundry pods are eco-friendly- each pod uses less than 2 ounces of detergent, which is about the amount in 3 cups of liquid laundry soap
  • SOFTENER & SCENT BOOSTER: Laundry detergent pods are made with natural ingredients and provide a refreshing cherry blossom fragrant wash that will leave your clothes clean and fresh
  • 3D STAIN REMOVAL & PROTECTTIVE: Our 3D Stain removal and protective detergent pods remove stains and protect fabrics in a fraction of the time it would take to use regular laundry detergent
  • CONVENIENT: Laundry detergent pods dissolve quickly in water – just pop the pod in the washing machine and go. Laundry pods leaving your clothes clean and smell great!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Quality is our passion. In case of any issue, we give you 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase

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If you’re looking for an amazing laundry pods that will get your clothes clean and smelling great, you need to try WBM Home Laundry detergent pods! Our detergent is highly effective and deep cleaner, so it will remove all the dirt and grime from your clothes. Plus, our liquid pods are easy to use – just pop them in the washing machine and let them do their thing!Laundry detergent pods are the new way to clean your clothes. These small, convenient pods don’t damage your clothes like traditional laundry detergent can. They’re perfect for on-the-go moms who need to get a quick load of laundry done.Our laundry detergent pods have 3D stain lifter technology that helps remove tough set-in stains and dirt. The innovative triangular pod design helps penetrate deep into fabric fibers to lift and remove stains, while the built-in fabric softener leaves clothes feeling soft and fresh.

Customer Reviews

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Aarya Richard
Clean soccer clothes

Was pleasantly surprised, I ordered these pods to give it a try and see if they worked. They made our clothes smell good and cleaned the clothes. We have lots of soccer sweaty clothes so it was a good surprise when these pods got the clothes clean and smelling fresh. Will definitely be buying again.

Clean clothes and a great value

This is a great value for the money, considering you only need one pod per load. It gets your clothes clean, the pod dissolves quickly, and the scent isn’t overwhelming, just a very soft scent on your clean clothes afterwards. I’m very happy I discovered this.

Love the scent !!

Omg I love these pods they smell amazing!! These are amazing I wish I would have found

Cyrus Barton
Agradable aroma!

These sooner. They come in a Nice small little box can store it anywhere ! I’m going to use these for my whites as it has 3D stain remover. Perfect laundry detergent pods. Going to buy one for my mom and sister too

Maleah Lyons
Smells Great!

Tried these for the first time last week and was surprised at how nice my clothes smelled after the wash. The rose scent would appear to be angled towards females but It's not too strong to come off like a perfume. I enjoy the difference in scent between my typical tide pods and its a good change for the next couple of months!