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  • All-Purpose Shower Squeegee for Bathroom, Window and Car Glass – 2 Count

    • Quick Cleaning Action: The WBM Home Window Squeegee features a flat TPR material and a lightweight handle grip, enabling quick and efficient cleaning.
    • Versatile Cleaning Tool: This window cleaning squeegee has wide-ranging applications in both home and commercial settings. It can be used to clean windows, glass doors, mirrors, and car windshields.
    • Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use: Designed for indoor and outdoor cleaning, this professional window squeegee effectively works on hard surfaces without causing scratches or damage.
    • Convenient Storage: The Multi-Purpose Window Squeegee is designed for easy storage. It features a fitted hole in the comfortable grip, allowing it to be conveniently hung and stored in cabinets. This ensures resistance-free sweeping when needed.
    • Dimensions: With an ergonomic design, this all-purpose squeegee has a width of 9.9 inches, providing excellent coverage for cleaning tasks. The handle measures 10 inches in length, offering a comfortable grip during use.
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