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  • Lavender Oil Lip BalmLavender Oil Lip Balm

    Himalayan Pink Salt Lip Balm Lavender(3.5 g)

    • HIMALAYAN PINK LAVENDER LIP BALM: Himalayan pink lip balm is crafted with love in harmony with nature. The ingredients used in this balm are pink salt and lavender oil. Pink salt contains the essential minerals and lavender is one the popular item in cosmetics industry due to its unique properties and scent.
    • SOFTEN YOUR LIPS: the Amazing formula of pink salt and lavender remove your dead cells thus making your lips soft and smooth.
    • LAVENDER: Lavender oil is the most versatile oil among all the essential oils. Lavender is known for its antibacterial and inflammatory properties. It is the best aroma oil and has healing properties as well as it is highly regarded for the skin problems and irritations. Its fragrance is calming and balancing. Chapped lips are dry and bleed and pain during the winter season. Lavender lip balm offers an amazing solution to dry and chapped lips. Our lip balm is a natural way to pamper your lips. It moisturizes and nourishes your lips and prevents them from drying. 
    • MOISTURIZER: Lavender lip balm has incredible and amazing moisturizing effects on your skin, helps to seal moisture on your dehydrated lips and lubricate them thus making your lips plump.
    • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and ANTI-BACTERIAL: lavender oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so lavender lip balm helps to kill germs and reduces inflammation and protects the lip from swelling.
    • ANALGESIC CHARACTER: Analgesic properties of lavender oil helps to relieve pain. Lavender lip balm is extremely beneficial for dumbing down your painful cracked lips
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