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Natural Solution 5201 Pink Bath Salt Skinny Bath with Natural & Organic Ingredients (1.5 lbs)

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SOFTEN AND HEAL CRACKED SKIN: Many people got a problem of cracking in the skin especially feet. Himalayan pink bath salt helps to soften your cracked skin and heal it. It removes dead skin cells thus making skin smooth and soft.when this Himalayan pink salt bath is rubbed on the feet it shows amazing properties and removes your all pain and helps to cure your cracked skin. It will make your skin smooth and soft.
GET RID OF YOUR ACHES AND PAIN: Those who suffer from arthritis, pulled or sore muscles, aches and pain, Himalayan pink salt is the best remedy for them. You just have to mix bath salt with water and take a relaxing bath with that normal temperature water. it will cure all your problems even the major issues of the muscles and skin. after using this all your pain will gone and make your skin beautiful and glow by removing the dead cells.
DETOXIFICATION PROCESS: Due to pollution and dust in the air, we all are exposed to harmful toxins, our environment temperature effects badly on the skin, but when you take bath with Himalayan pink salt water all harmful toxins are removed through a process called Reverse Osmosis. It will shield your skin from changing the weather and also protect from harmful diseases.
GET MINERALIZE: Himalayan pink salt is rich in minerals thus taking bath with this salt helps to instill the skin and whole body with essential minerals. It also helps to maintain the pH balance. it mineralizes your skin removes the unwanted cell and helps the skin to generate healthy cells. It contains all the essential minerals which a skin require for its beautiful and healthy look
CERTIFIED: Himalayan bath salt is certified and 100% pure product. they directly come from the Himalayan mountains and hand selected. it has naturally pink in color, so no chemical additive, preservatives, color, chemicals or any other ingredients added to it. 



  • Natural Bath Salt: Himalayan Bath salt is 100% natural and free from chemicals and artificial additives.
  • Pollution free: Himalayan bath salt is purest salt on this planet and free from pollution.
  • Color: Beautiful pink color due to the presence of essential minerals.
  • Fine Grain Medium: Fine and medium salt grains so it absorbs easily in water.


  • Detoxify and Clean skin: Soak in Himalayan bath salt to make yourself clean from harmful toxins and deeply detoxify your skin.
  • Bath Salt for Sore Muscles: Himalayan bath salt can help to relieve sore and tired muscles and makes you feel comfortable.
  • Bath Salt for Relaxation: Himalayan bath salt can help to promote better sleep and makes you relax.
  • Bath Salt for Pain: Our bath salt can help to soothe aches and pain.
  • Moisturizing Bath Soak: Himalayan bath salt is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature. The salt minerals can aid to build up a protective barrier and allow a skin to hold water.
  • Air-Tight Packing: Natural Solution bath soak packing is just amazing. Our Body soak is packed in a jar that is air-tight, thus it saves salt from humidity and makes it reliable to use for longer time.



Get yourself mineralized by adding some quantity of Himalayan bath salt in your shower gel or in essential oils to get the best results. Massage it on the wet skin and rinse softly.


  • Relaxing bath: Pour handful bath salt in warm running bath water to get your mind and body relax.
  • Bath for Therapy: Pour some extra quantity of bath salt to get the best therapeutic results.



Mix one cup of Himalayan bath salt in warm water to deeply detoxify and clean your feet. Our bath salt not only remove harmful toxins but can also help to remove dead skin cells and make your feet soft and smooth.

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