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Natural Solution 8352E Himalayan Pink Salt Bath Marula Oil (1.5 lbs)

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Marula oil: Body bath salt can help to refresh your skin and restore skin cells. Marula oil is powerful for moisture retention and restores skin cells thanks to its antioxidants. Himalayan pink salt Marula oil body bath salt is formulated using natural materials that are pink salt and Marula oil. Pink salt is extracted from the Himalayan Mountains and it contains 84 essential minerals that aid in providing nourishment and freshness to your skin. Another product used in our body bath salt is Marula oil that is popular for its various benefits for the skin. It works as an anti-aging agent for your skin and helps to fight against various skin diseases. Marula oil along with Himalayan pink salt is used in formulating our body salt product.

Benefits of Marula oil for your skin:

Due to the diversity in Marula oil properties, and positive attributes Marula oil essential oil will do wonders for your skin. The cosmetics industry loves to use Marula oil in beauty products because of its multiple properties. It deeply clean, nourish and delicately scent the skin and provide long-lasting softness. Further, it naturally heals and stimulates the skin. Using Marula oil for skin offers nourishing and therapeutic benefits for the skin. It has a very pleasant aroma that makes it an important ingredient for skin and beauty care products. It is beneficial for all types of skin. Marula oil helps to prevent wrinkles, fight against acne and anti-aging. It also helps in skin detoxification.

Marula oil as Anti-inflammatory: Marula oil is anti-inflammatory. It can help to restore your brightness.



Himalayan pink salt body soak is natural product. The ingredients contain pure and natural Himalayan salt and natural Marula Oil. Himalayan salt was formed millions of years ago in the ancient ocean where it is believed life begun. During all these years, Himalayan pink salt is buried deeply in the rocks that is isolated from human behavior. Free from colorants, free from formaldehyde, free from animal fat; No chemicals, no bleach, no preservatives. Pink salt can exfoliate skin surface, soften and heal cracked skin, reduce swelling, get rid of dead skin, clean and relax body skin, kill odors. Marula Oil is essential in skin care which can supply nourishment and luster to dry skin. Harvested from Africa, Marula fruit and Marula oil is a traditional skin care product in its origin. The combination of two rejuvenates and replenishes body skin and improves skin health. Premium quality is superior and easily gets dissolved in warm water. Treat yourself wonderful Marula oil pink salt bath every day to relax both body and mind. Add a generous handful amount into a warm bath tub and soak for minutes. The bath could eliminate odor, cleanse skin, remove dead skin and rejuvenate your skin.



We always stand behind our products and we listen to our customers. If you have any question, just contact we through toll-free phone number or via email and we will give you satisfaction. Each bag is air-tight with zipper for multiple uses. It saves salt from humidity and makes it reliable to use for longer time.


Dr. Hendel began her career as a leader in the medical research and development departments of a large pharmaceutical company. Dr. Hendel started her own independent clinic, focusing on chronic diseases and holistic health care with natural healing methods. She believes that working in harmony with nature makes a difference that your skin would appreciate. Dr. Barbara Hendel recommends using natural products such as Himalayan pink salt, instead of chemical products, to rejuvenate and soothe your body.


Himalayan pink salt body soak is rich in multiple minerals. The pink color and translucent appearance indicate natural mineral property in the salt crystal. It is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature. There are no harsh or artificial chemicals or harmful toxins added. Natural Solution devotes to bring the nature to our modern world. We develop every product to cooperate with nature and the environment.

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