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Natural Solution 8246F Himalayan Pink Salt Body Scrub Lavender Oil, (12.3 oz /350 g)

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  • Lavender: Himalayan pink salt Lavender oil body scrub is formulated using natural materials that are pink salt and Lavender oil. Pink salt is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains and it contains 84 essential minerals that aid in providing nourishment and freshness to your skin. Another product used in our body scrub is Lavender oil that is popular for its various benefits for the skin. It works as an anti-aging agent for your skin and helps to fight against various skin diseases. Lavender oil along with Himalayan pink salt is used in formulating our body scrub product. 
  • Benefits of Lavender oil for your skin: Due to the diversity of Lavender oil properties, and positive attributes Lavender oil essential oil will do wonders for your skin. The cosmetics industry loves to use Lavender oil in beauty products because of its multiple properties. It deeply clean, nourish and delicately scent the skin and also provides long-lasting softness. Naturally heals and stimulates the skin. Using Lavender oil for skin offers nourishing and therapeutic benefits for the skin. It has a very pleasant aroma that makes it an important ingredient for skin and beauty care products. It is beneficial for all types of skin. Lavender oil helps to prevent wrinkles, fight against acne and anti-aging. It also helps in skin detoxification. 
  • Lavender oil for skin lightening: Lavender oil is anti-inflammatory. It can help to restore your brightness reducing redness, ruddiness and revealing the softer of the skin. Regular use can reduce Dark Age signs and other discolorations. 
  • Lavender oil to prevent wrinkles: Lavender oil is teeming with antioxidants, so it can protect your skin from damaging radicals, which are the cause of wrinkles and lines. It helps to prevent wrinkles.

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