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Natural Solution 8351L Detoxify & Energize with Ginger & Clay Bath Salts (2.5-lbs)

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  • SOAK GINGER & CLAY: Ginger is very beneficial regarding health and skin. it soothes the skin with the scrub of clay. it is the best combination to make skin healthy and glow.
  • SOOTHE AND RELAX SKIN: Himalayan pink body soak can help to soften your cracked skin and heal it. Clay may work to hydrate your skin and shrink pores while Ginger can help to eliminate the skin diseases and work as a skin toner.
  • GET MINERALIZE: Himalayan pink bath salt is rich in minerals thus taking bath with this salt can help to instill the skin and whole body with essential minerals. It can also help to maintain the pH balance.
  • BATH SALT FOR SORE MUSCLES: This Himalayan pink salt is the best remedy for aches & pain. You just have to mix body soak in water and take bath in that water.
  • DETOXIFICATION PROCESS: Due to pollution and dust in the air, we all are exposed to harmful toxins but when you take bath with Himalayan pink salt water all harmful toxins are removed through a process called Reverse Osmosis.
  • CERTIFIED: Himalayan bath salt is certified and 100% pure product. they directly come from the Himalayan mountains and hand selected. it has naturally pink in color, so no chemical additive, preservatives, color, chemicals or any other ingredients added to it

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