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Natural Solution 8647A Liquid Hand Wash Natural Honey with Organic ingredients (14 fl OZ /400ml)

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  • NATURAL HONEY HANDWASH:  Highly recommended for the dry and rough skin. Formulated using unique and natural ingredients of Himalayan Pink Salt and Beeswax. Both ingredients provide an extra layer of nourishment to your skin.
  • HIGHLY MOISTURIZING PROPERTY: Beeswax hand wash provides healthy moisturization to your skin making it more flexible, softer, smoother and neat. Extra protection in dry weather protects hydration of your skin
  • NATURAL AND CERTIFIED: Himalayan pink salt beeswax is SLS free and Paraben free. No harmful chemical additives are used while manufacturing. Hand washes are imposed with pure and natural products.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTY: As beeswax and Himalayan pink salt both ingredients are anti-microbial in nature thus beeswax hand wash kills all the germs and bacteria even after a single wash.
  • CLEANSER: It works as an ideal product for your skin cleansing. Not only kills bacteria but provide a deep cleansing to your skin and removes all dust and harmful toxins from your skin. Gently scrub on your hands with this hand wash and get best cleansing results and make your skin healthier.
  • NATURAL HONEY The cosmetics industry loves to use honey beeswax in beauty products because of its multiple properties. As it is natural and non-toxic thus providing various benefits to your skin. It is a thickening agent, for instance, use in hand washes and many other cosmetics to make them easier to use and more spreadable on your skin. Here are some of the more potent benefits of beeswax:
  • Protective: When applied to the skin, beeswax forms a protective barrier that helps to protect it from environmental assaults, while also holding in moisture and reducing dryness. This is one of the reasons beeswax is often used in lip balms. Unlike ingredients made from petroleum, however, beeswax doesn’t block the skin, and won’t clog pores.
  • Humectants: some ingredients attract water, and beeswax is one of them. When you put it on, you attract water molecules, helping to keep skin hydrated over time.
  • Vitamin A: A good source of this vitamin, beeswax helps exfoliation and can rejuvenate your look.

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