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Natural Solution 8353M Ultra Moisturizing Mineral body Soak with Avocado Oil,(5 lbs)

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  • BODY SOAK AVOCADO OIL:  Body soak is composed of using Himalayan Pink salt that has amazing therapeutic properties. It mineralizes your body and may help to relax the sore muscles and tired feet. The other ingredient avocado can helps to moisturize your dry skin.
  • AVOCADO OIL: Avocado oil is very beneficial for the skin. it gives remedy to many skin issues and helps you make your skin beautiful and smooth. Avocado oil is very much natural to use on skin.
  • CERTIFIED FOR YOUR ASSURANCE: Himalayan bath salt is certified and 100% pure product. they directly come from the Himalayan mountains and hand selected. it has naturally pink in color, so no chemical additive, preservatives, color, chemicals or any other ingredients added to it
  • MINERALIZE: Himalayan pink salt is a mineral-rich Salt. The skin soaks the minerals from the water in a dermal absorption process. Pink salt contains various minerals including calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium etc and your body soaks these minerals and help to make you fit and fine. 
  • DETOXIFICATION: we all are exposed to numerous toxins from the air, food or water but taking bath in Himalayan pink salt water mixture can help you to pull out all the harmful toxins from you.
  • SORE MUSCLES: If you are suffering severe body pains, sore muscles, stiff joints or any other aches than Himalayan pink salt body soak can help to recover it. 
  • CLEANSING: Salt is antiseptic and antibacterial in nature. The salt minerals can aid to build up a protective barrier and allow a skin to hold water. Salt is a good cleanser as well. 
  • RELAXATION: The salt bath can help to melt away the daily worries and stresses and switch on your mood and relax your mind. It may also help to concentrate better and reduce tensions.

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