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Himalayan Glow 1003 Natural Crystal Salt Lamp (11 - 15 lbs)

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HIMALAYAN GLOW's NATURAL SALT LAMPS ARE UNIQUE. These Natural Salt Lamps are made from exceptional salt crystals collected from the Himalayan Mountains. Unlit, the crystal's rough-hewn, irregular surface looks pink. When lit with the included 25-watt bulb, it gives a warm amber glow. You can even change the color of the bulb to give a different hue to the lighting area. Use the lamp as a gentle night light, or to create a romantic mood.

BEST QUALITY HAND CRAVED LAMPS: Hand Craved Natural salt lamps from Pakistan are on top of the world as it is crafted by the best craftsmen. WBM makes the best quality of the Himalayan Salt Lamps - salt crystals are hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains, specially handcrafted for uniqueness. Himalayan Glow Salt lamps are ETL certified and approved. This Himalayan Salt lamp is the perfect gift for anyone and anytime.

NEW DIMMER SWITCH On 10/11/17, Himalayan Glow replaced the dimmer switch in this product with a new, fire-safe, heat-resistant dimmer. Makes you feel more secure while using Natural Salt Lamps.

DIMMABLE LIGHTING Himalayan Glow’s Natural Salt Lamp is adjustable with the built-in dimmer to match the ambiance. It comes with a 6ft Power cord, dimmable rotary switch, and 25-watt bulbs. Electric Himalayan Salt Lamps and cord assembly are certified and approved by ETL.

HOME DECOR To accent the natural beauty of the natural salt crystals, we’ve housed them in a decorative wooden base, perfect for the design-conscious minds for their homes. It is best suited in the center of a coffee table, bedside table and also beautiful an accent for meditation and yoga spaces. The Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Nightlights is a perfect gift for anyone and anytime.

PURPOSE OF NATURAL SALT LAMP Himalayan Salt Lamp works to enhance the ionic balance of your living spaces. Natural Salt Lamps emit negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation when heated. The naturally ionized air also helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION Customers come first. We stand behind our products and we listen to our customers. You will be completely satisfied with this product. Even then, if you have any question you can always contact us and we will be glad to help you. We do offer a hassle-free money back guarantee.


Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

From Himalayas to Your Home:

Himalayan Glow Himalayan Salt Lamp is minded, hand carved, hand crafted and made from Himalayan Mountains. Each piece is chose for its translucent pink color and faceted beauty. The salt comes from a 250 million year old dried up sea bed, from the time when the earth was covered with water, and it was in the ancient ocean where it is believed that life began. The salt comes to you today in the form of a lamp, which, when lit, gives off what might be called a primordial glow, one part sunset, one part molten lava, creating a light source that has captivated all who see it. People say they love to sit beside our salt lamps because they feel soothing, calming and relaxing at that time.

Made from 100% natural Himalayan salt crystals.

Perfect for gifts!.

Each lamp is hand-crafted to perfection.

ETL Approved dimmer switch, base and power cord.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Natural Salt Lamp.
  • 1x 15 Watt Light Bulb.
  • 2x User Manual.
  • Extra Bulb for Replacement.
  • 1x ETL Cord with Dimmer Switch.

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