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Himalayan Chef 5501 Himalayan Pink Salt Shot Glasses for Tequila (20 Oz)

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  • Unique Taste: Himalayan chef offers the Himalayan salt shot glasses. Simply pour tequila into the glass and serve with fresh lime to add a unique taste. No extra salt is needed.
  • Unique Pink Glow: Himalayan salt shot glasses has a unique pink color due to the essential minerals in salt that gives the glasses an awesome look.
  • Pure and hygienic: As the Himalayan pink salt has anti-bacterial qualities, so germs cant thrive, and bacteria growth naturally resist as well as odor is also eliminated.

Salt Candle Holders
Salt Candle Nightlights

Gorgeous Collection of Himalayan Pink Salt Tealight Candle Holders

Himalayan Glow presents a gorgeous collection of Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holder. The eye catching, beautiful candle holder is best choice for your interior that not only renders beautiful amber glow to your interior decor, but also on the other hand renders healthy effects by emoting health friendly stream of negative ions.

Pink salt candles are the natural mode of ionizing your interior . The negative ions emitted from the candle holder tends to create a romantic effect. The candle holder when placed in your bedroom reflects a smooth and soothing effect to your bedroom enable you to enjoy a good and healthy sleep.

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