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Himalayan Chef SR11 6 Piece Pink Salt and Seasoning Glass Shaker With Standing Chrome Wire Rack (1.07 lbs)

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  • HIMALAYAN CHEF’s SEASONING SET: Himalayan chef’s set comes with 6 pieces essential seasoning shaker with standing chrome wire rack
  • SEASONING BLEND FLAVORS:  Himalayan Pink Salt (3.5oz), Himalayan Pink Steak seasoning (3.53oz), Himalayan pink Lemon pepper seasoning (3.25oz), Himalayan Pink Pollo (chicken) seasoning (3.53oz), Himalayan Pink All Purpose Seasoning (3.25oz) and Himalayan Pink Seafood seasoning (3.25oz)
  • SEASONING INGREDIENTS: Himalayan Pink steak seasoning-Blend of powdered garlic, rosemary, paprika, spices and Pink Salt. For Himalayan pink lemon pepper seasoning- Blend of black pepper, lemon, spices and Pink Salt.
  • CERTIFIED SPICES BLEND: All ingredients are Certified Kosher, NON-GMO, Vegan Certified and Halal
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Free of any artificial Colors, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking Agents, or msg. Revel in the true depth of awesome and Himalayan pink salt natural flavor provide your family with authentic taste, free of any chemicals and synthetics found in pre-made, store-bought blends.
  • BENEFITS: Himalayan chef seasoning provides all flavor together and gives a complete taste to your food. it gives all the minerals which are required in the healthy diet.

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