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Himalayan Chef 5373 Roasted Onion & Crushed Red Pepper Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder (6.5 Oz)

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  1. ROASTED ONION: Onion is being used for healthy cooking and medical purposes. Ancient people used onion as culinary purposes and therapeutic benefits.
  2. RED PEPPER: Red pepper can be used in every dish. its gives a complete taste with the garlic and salt to your recipe.
  3. HIMALAYAN PINK SALT: Unique in its taste, color, 100% natural, extracted from mountains, handcrafted and hand selected.
  4. CERTIFIED AND NATURAL:  Naturally pink in color, Non-GMO, Halal and Kosher Certified gourmet salt.
  5. GLASS GRINDER: Himalayan Chef reliable pepper grinders are available with adaptable grinding levels from course to fine.

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