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Himalayan Chef ORG-GR-AX5 Organic Spices Selection, Himalayan Salt and Spice Seasoning Mix-5 Piece Set (6.71 lbs)

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  • HIMALAYAN CHEF ORGANIC SPICES SELECTION: Blend of 100% natural pink salt from the Himalayan mountains and spices 5-piece set in an Adjustable & Refillable Glass Grinders
  • ORGANIC RAINBOW PEPPERCORNS are exotic peppercorns with a range of heat, floral notes, and classic peppery zing! it is as a fun substitute for everyday black pepper, to add delicious color and piquancy to all your favorite food
  • ORGANIC GARLIC & ONION SEASONING: Both the Organic Onion with Crushed Pepper and Organic Garlic with Crushed Pepper blends are on Pizza, potatoes, chicken, beef, pasta, rice, and vegetables
  • ORGANIC CHIPOTLE SEASONING: The chipotle seasoning has a rich, smoky, toasted flavor that will bring a dash of fiesta to the table. It will add a spicy, robust flavor to chicken, pork, steak and vegetables
  • ORGANIC LEMON PEEL SEASONING: Lemon peel is a great way to wake up many dishes. It is great on veggies, meat and a perfect addition to anything that has been grilled. And also, great on chicken and fajitas
  • Certified spice: All Himalayan Chef Spices are certified Kosher, Halal, Vegan and non-GMO.

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