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The Himalayan Pink salt plate is a block of natural salt that is basically framed to cook the food. The salt blocks color range is from light pink to deep red and it varies according to the mineral concentration in the salt. The Pink salt plate consists of more than 84 minerals that are essential for good and healthy diet. These salt plates are cut from huge salt rocks and then hand mined to form a cooking plate. The salt blocks can be found in square, rectangle or circle shapes. Pink salt blocks are one of the best cooking and serving surfaces you will ever find. It provides the best taste and nutrients to your food.

Benefits of cooking food on the Pink salt plate:

Pink salt plates are considered the taste-adding and best cooking thing, therefore these are becoming more prominent these days and there is the number of reasons for that. Salt plates make your food tastier and healthier. Cooking food on the pink salt plate makes your diet healthy and tastier by adding the extra minerals in it.

These pink salt plates are used worldwide by gourmet chefs and they recommend cooking food on these plates. The Food absorbs the minerals from the plate and adds more delicious and unique taste than ordinary salt in the market.

Himalayan pink edible salt is 100 percent natural and anti-microbial in nature so you will never have to worry about germs while cooking on it. This is due to the moisture retention of the salt. You can cook chicken, sushi, steak, meat, salmon and other grilling recipes on the Himalayan pink salt plate. You can also use these salt plates as a tray for foods like sushi, cheese, and fishes. It holds the temperature for the long time after heated once.